Every month apple added hundreds of new games in App Store, some are really great and some are simply boring. We’ve played hundreds of newly released games this month and choose a list of best iphone games for September 2012.  All these new games in the list below are fun to play and really addictive. We’ve chosen these best games from almost all categories, from best puzzle games to best strategy games. Don’t forget to subscribe as we will regularly update this page with top new iphone games.

best apps

Crisp App

Lovers of hidden object games will enjoy this new game from Crisp App. You are tasked with exploring an abandoned town to find John Doe, a missing journalist who was investigating abnormal activity in the mysterious Forbidden Town. The game uses gorgeous graphics across 30 creepy locations, which players need to visit to find hundreds of clues to Doe’s whereabouts. The challenging puzzles and fun soundtrack certainly kept us entertained for a few hours, and we felt it was worth the 99 cent price tag.

Ham on Run

It’s available for both the iPhone and the iPad. Ham On the Run!: Running Game Like Temple Run and Jetpack Joyride

This game has a really refreshing pace to it and the unique unlockables and challenges will keep it fresh for quite some time. The only downside I see if that there isn’t much variety in terms of levels. As far as I can see there is only one never-ending level with the same backdrops and art.

Dark King return

In this free strategy game, the Dark King has returned and your village is threatened with destruction. Your mission is to build up your village and raise an army to protect it.

Professor Blockowski and his block army are trying to make the world square in this challenging physics game. Your mission is to foil his plans to keep the world round.

This quirky 99 cent puzzler challenges players to match five or more coloured globs to create faces, and then match these to globs of the same colour. There are 54 levels to play.

Collect bananas and keep your eyes peeled for hidden gems in this 99 cent game, while avoiding obstacles, finding secret jungle paths and timing your jumps to perfection.

DMBX 2 – Mountain Bike and BMX: Best iPhone Game For Riding Bikes


This game features mountain bike and BMX action. Play in QuickPlay or Career mode on 12 unique bike trails, with up to 36 challenges on each.

In this retro-style zombie survival game, players need to search for supplies and protect themselves and the rest of their party from the undead. Bbuuurrains…

In this game, players need to guide the mole out of the Big House using power-ups like hammers. Collect gems to get ability upgrades, and stay out of reach of the Warden.

Thirty years on from his creation, Pitfall Harry is back in a 99 cent universal iOS app. Collect treasures as you escape the volcano in gameplay reminiscent of Temple Run.

A new offering from Big Fish Games has hit iTunes for $3.99. Everyone in New Orleans has had their face wiped away by the evil Visage (not the band).

Put your logic skills to the test in this universal game. Rotate the pipes beneath the bustling streets of New York to help clean up the city. There are 100 3D levels to complete.

This addictive game challenges players with 144 levels of cutting and assembling. You’ll need to use your puzzle-solving skills to cut, rearrange and fit the shapes together.Save/abduct as many kittens as you can from the Planet of the Cats by beaming them up into your UFO. This crazy game promises to be ridiculously fun.